Reaching Retirement DOESN’T Mean You’ve Reached the End of Your Road!

Retirement Your Way Will Show You How to Chart Your Own Course to the Dynamic, Deeply Satisfying Retirement You Want

Dear Newly Retired or Soon-to-Be Retired Friend,

Are you looking forward to retirement?

Really looking forward to it?

If you’re like so many recent or soon-to-be retirees, you’re probably feeling a lot of conflicting emotions…

  • Sure, it’ll be great not to have to face the daily grind of work… But you may find yourself missing the organization and structure your job gave you. And what if you really enjoyed your work (many people do!), and will miss doing what you’ve done all these years?
  • You may know that “age is just a number”... but our youth-obsessed society doesn’t seem to have gotten the message. Even well-intentioned comments from your colleagues, friends, and family might leave you thinking they expect you to sleep in every morning and twiddle your thumbs all day! You still want to make meaningful contributions… but will our culture support you?

How will you live a good life as you get older? 

How will you avoid going from “Who’s Who”.... to “Who’s THAT?”

You’re Not the Only Retiree Asking…

  • How will I organize my time?
  • How will I stay active and intellectually engaged?
  • How will I express my creativity and remain curious about the world around me?
  • How will I live with vitality and enthusiasm?
  • How will I fulfill my life purpose?

If your retirement journey is more emotional than you expected, and you’ve found yourself asking any or all of these questions, or questions like them…

Then we can help you THRIVE - not just SURVIVE - in the Next Chapter of your life!

Who We Are & How We Can Help You
Flourish as Retirement Rebels!

We are Marilyn Bushey and Gail McDonald.

We believe it’s time to redefine retirement.

We both had successful careers as executive coaches.

Yet when we were approaching retirement age, we found ourselves feeling uncertain… reluctant… even a little afraid.

We wanted to keep doing the work we loved. We were FAR from ready to be “put out to pasture.”

We also wanted more time to enjoy other pleasures, including our families, friends, travel, new adventures, and different types of learning.

How could we have it all (or at least most of it all)?

We finally realized we were thinking about retirement in all the wrong ways.

In fact, our realization began during a dinner with our dear friend, Valerie. We asked Valerie, “What does retirement mean to you?” Her answer hit us with a bang. She snapped, “I haven’t thought about retirement. I enjoy what I do. Why would I let go of what I enjoy?”

Valerie’s reaction - especially the emotion associated with it - surprised us. We sat back in our chairs. Valerie clearly reacted emphatically to our question about retirement. Although we hadn’t expected such an emotional response, once we heard it, we knew we felt that way too. 

This event was an epiphany for us! It helped us change the way we thought about retirement. And it started us on a journey to create this program.

That’s when we became RETIREMENT REBELS.

We stopped thinking about this phase of life as an ending and started embracing it as the bold new beginning it can be.

And since then, we’ve encountered thousands of other people who are also Retirement Rebels.

We’ve coached many of them as they made the transition into retirement—or made changes to enrich their existing retirement after it started.

We’ve helped our fellow Retirement Rebels find ways to…

  • Question the assumptions that they hold about what they should and shouldn’t do in retirement
  • Expand the lifestyle possibilities that they envision
  • Reinvent themselves as the people they’ve always wanted to be
  • Live their lives with vitality, contribution, and joy!

We want to help YOU do the same thing.

We want to show you how to create a retirement full of significance, fulfillment, and joy.

We want you to join the Retirement Rebellion, too!

And in our online course, Retirement Your Way, we’ll show you how you can.


The Most Critical Element of a Fulfilling Retirement
Isn’t Your Money or Your Health…

Yes, these things are important.

But we believe what shapes your retirement most is your MINDSET.

In our course, we’ll show you, step by step, how to design and live a BETTER retirement lifestyle… one in which you never stop growing, giving, or succeeding.

We’ll reveal why and how…

· Retirement can mean your best days are still ahead of you.

· Retirement can involve many more positive lifestyle changes and choices than you likely imagined.

Retirement can be as bold, exciting, and hopeful as you decide you want it to be.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Enroll In
Retirement Your Way

When you enroll, you get lifetime access to a series of short, online videos you can watch at your own pace, anywhere and on any device.

In these videos, we’ll introduce you to a practical, proven road map for planning your retirement journey. 

It will help you successfully navigate seven key conversations to have with yourself and others as you shape your future. We call this roadmap, the CHOICES MAP.

The word CHOICES represents a key theme of this course. Why? At this point in your life, you’re discovering that you have an array of rich, vibrant lifestyle options for your Next Chapter.

In fact, you have many more choices than you may have previously envisioned.

In addition to being a central theme of this course, the word CHOICES is an acronym for seven critical conversations that we believe are essential elements for navigating your journey into a new stage of life. The seven conversations are designed to help guide and energize you as you enter new, often murky territory.

The seven conversations that make up the acronym are: 

C – The Culture that you grew up in and its influence on your retirement choices

H – The Hurdles that are getting in your way

O – The Options that you have in your Next Chapter

I – The Inspiration that opens your heart and connects you to others

C – The Course of Action – your plan for your Next Chapter

E – The Experimentation that keeps you learning

S – The Self-Fulfillment that connects you to your higher purpose 

During the videos of
Retirement Your Way, we’ll present each of the seven conversations in more detail.

Along the way, we’ll introduce you to Six Lifestyle Categories that can help stimulate your ideas about the right retirement path for you. You’ll also hear stories from people who are living the “good life” in each Lifestyle Category.

We’ll tell you about evidence-based practices for increasing your vitality, longevity, and more—life-enhancing qualities you’ll want no matter what direction you go in retirement.

We’ll share more than 50 real-life stories of Retirement Rebels who defied the stereotypes and, in diverse ways, reshaped retirement into the uniquely satisfying phase of life they believed it could and should be.

You’ll also get a comprehensive and inspirational course guidebook, full of hands-on, step-by-step activities and exercises to help you apply the principles from the videos to your own retirement journey. This guidebook alone represents a value of well over $100. It includes:

  • Surefire conversation starters to get family and friends thinking with you about all your retirement could be
  • Guides for identifying and rewriting the negative stories you’ve told yourself that could sabotage your retirement before it really gets going
  • A step-by-step process for crafting a plan of action to keep you moving forward in this next phase of life
  • Concrete “how-to’s” for recruiting allies who can help you set and reach your goals.

Plus, the guidebook and videos are full of fun quotes and songs to keep you engaged in, and excited about, the process of shaping your rebellious retirement!

You may think you can chart the path to a fulfilling retirement all on your own.

However, in our decades of coaching and leading workshops, we’ve found it simply isn’t so.

You need someone to ask you questions that haven’t occurred to you… and nudge you to consider new horizons you may not see.

OK… But How Much Will It Cost?
(Far less than settling for a dull
and dismal retirement!)

We know from our own experience: Retirement can be an expensive phase of life.

When you consider all the ways our course could help you enrich your life, it’s a very modest investment in your happiness and satisfaction during these valuable years.

And now, for far less than the cost of the one-on-one coaching we provide, you can get access to the same frameworks, tools, and resources we use with our clients to help them chart their course to a rewarding retirement. 

Plus, If You Enroll Now…

As a special gift to you, we are offering an Early Bird price of only $247.00.

This offer includes the full online video course, the extensive guidebook, and a pdf of our book, Retirement Your Way: The No Stress Roadmap for Designing Your Next Chapter and Loving Your Future.

This Early Bird offer lasts until February 28th, 2023.

And… If for any reason this course is not right for you, you have a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase—no questions asked.

Retirement is the next chapter in your story.

Right now, it’s unwritten.

You can make it as bold, hopeful, and exciting as you want it to be.

There’s no reason your retirement can’t be active, fulfilling, and some of the greatest years of your life.

It’s time to break the retirement mold and do retirement YOUR way.

Let us show you how to:

Let go of your stories, Add your dreams, and Keep exploring!


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